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As from now, you will no longer find me on 20six.  I've moved to Blogspot - there seems to be greater flexibility in page content over there, so I thought I'd mosey over and take a look.

Come and visit me in my new online home at 

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One year later

Can you believe it's been an entire year since I last wrote here?  Wow - how slack am I!

Much has happened in the past year.  firstly, I have a lovely new BF .  Nearly a year now - I suppose that might go some way to explaining my absence from the blog - I've been too busy being all starry eyed!  

I also have access now to a scanner and digital cameras - which means PICTURES!  It was all dull and dreary here before, so perhaps I can liven it up now a bit with pretty pictures,like this one of the Santa Sack I made for lovely BF this Christmas:

Santa Sack and tree

Which reminds me to let you know about my flickr page on - there are loads of pics there, including some crafty stuff and some wannabe-artsy-photography.  It's all good! 

I'm also going to try and pretty this site up a bit.  Lovely BF is a computer whizz, so I might ask him to teach me HTML so I can make this page a bit more 'me'.

Ooh, yes - and I ahve a new job I'll be starting in the new year (February 1st), and I'm going to be learning Japanese next year, and I'm trying to sell my house.  It's all happening!


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busy, busy, busy (again!)

Wow, I've been busy!

I had a public meeting on Tuesday night where 70 residents turned out to shout at me.  Everything's my fault. I'm a bad person, and part of a wider conspiracy of corruption, apparently.

It was all a bit scary, and spent most of Tuesday day as a bundle of nerves - but I got through it ok in the end! 

Unfortunately, I've been asked today if I'll attend another on Friday night.  FRIDAY NIGHT!!!  I'll do it, but I won't be happy about it!  And I'll have to make sure there's a couple of beers in the fridge before I leave for work, because I reckon I'll want them when I get back home!

It's nearly Christmas.  When did this happen?  Nobody told me!  It can't be Christmas yet, I'm not ready, not festive, and definitely not geared up for it.  I'm normally the jingle-bell-iest person around - but I can't pull together a single strand of festive cheer this year.  Maybe it's an age thing....

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I'm back!

LA was fab!  I loved it!  It was hot and sunny and lovely, and I ate many unhealthy foods, and spent a lot (a lot!) of money on clothing and cosmetics (cheaper over there), and did many fun and fantastic things - like go to a midnight showing at the Chinese Theatre, go to the Griffin observatory, go to a drive in movie (we actually saw two films - but I don't know whether we were actually allowed to do this or not), and many other fun things. 

I even got to hold Johnny Depp's hands!

(Well, his hand prints outside the Chinese theatre, anyway - which is perhaps as close as I'll get...)

But now I'm back at work. The holiday has ended, and it's cold and grey here.  But nearly christmas!

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Stop the world - I want to get off!

Aaargh!  My brain's melting and dribbling out of my ears.

There are many, many things happening all at the same time, which I'm not going to go into in any great detail here.  But - aaargh!

Work's nightmarishly busy.  I mean like, proper, no time to get my head around anything busy.  I suppose this is what comes from running a big and scary project, and trying to organise two separate public consultations in the same week, to start 3 days after I get back from holiday!  Aaaargh.

And I haven't even started christmas shopping - I had to use all my Christmas shopping money to get my car mended last week.

And I'm on the verge of getting cross with one of my friends.

And my house looks like a student bedsit.

It's all poo.  I can't even get excited about my holiday, because I'm too tied up in all the niggly poo-ey things. And they won't let me knit or crochet on the plane.

I want my bed.

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silly airport people

I'm off to LA in a couple of weeks, and thought I'd ring the airline to check whether I can take my knitting on board with me, as it's a very, very long flight otherwise. 

I checked the online advice, and there was no mention of knitting needles, so I rang Virgin Atlantic, and got through to a man who didn't know what knitting was - It took me a good five minutes of in-depth description of knitting (take two sticks, a ball of wool and wave them about to make a jumper), for the penny to drop, and he immediately said 'no'. I asked why, and he told me that knitting needles are sharp implements.  I was a bit suspicious of this, but let it go, as I didn't really think I'd be allowed.  So then I asked him about crochet.  He didn't know (he probably didn't know what crochet is either) - and went had to ask a manager or someone.  Then he came back and said 'no' again.

How can a crochet hook be considered a sharp object?  Surely it's not as potentially dangerous as a pencil (which you're allowed to take on board), or a pair of 3cm long pointed scissors (which you're allowed to take on board).

I'm having a sulk now.  I reckon he just didn't know what a crochet hook looks like. How'm I supposed to sit through an 11 hour flight and not have something to keep my hands occupied?

I might not go.  That'll show them.

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Bad things are happening.

My car might be broken.  I was doing a site visit yesterday, when the little red light that lets you know when the car's overheating came on, and then she started making peculiar rattling - clunking noises.  After pulling over (in a safe place, naturally), I opened the bonnet and was blinded by steam and smoke, and choked by an alarming bbq smell.  Two very helpful old men came to my aid, found me some water to put in the radiator, and advised me to wait for it to cool down, then to buy more coolant.  Which I did. But the red light keeps coming on after only very short distances, and I'm frightened I've buggered the gasket. This can only be expensive.

And the technician on my big and exciting project in work is leaving for a better job.

And it's raining.

But - I've nearly finished the second 'footlet' I've been working on - I'll take the camera home tonight to photograph. Promise.

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